ACEC – from the outside looking in.

How much rich learning can one get crammed into a few days without actually (physically) attending a conference / workshop?


Thanks to Twitter and my PLN, accessed mostly via my iPhone, I’ve had the most engaging day of learning, reading through a vast collection of tweets and blog posts from a host of engaging and forward thinking educators attending the annual Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACEC) conference in Melbourne.

In between a holiday landscaping project and travelling to and from dental / physio appointments, I’ve stay attuned to the running dialogue of presenters and conference attendees such as: @pryorcommitment @Brett_Moller @betchaboy @jangreen31 @SimonBorgert @ackygirl @lordfolland @ceosandhurst @pam_thompson @mdanonbaird @garystager @adambrice @jjash @jennyluca – to name but a few!

A clear and constant message has resonated for me – which is best summarised by the words of keynote speaker Alan November,

‘it’s not the technology itself that it is important; it’s the way we use it.’

The way I used technology enabled me to join ‘from the outside looking in’ – a true example of self-directed anywhere, anytime learning.

I have so far managed to grab a few new ideas from innovative educators as well as gaining deeper insights into the world of successful teaching and learning – infused and leveraged by technology.

I wish this learning scenario was more commonplace for educators and students.

Therein lies the challenge!

Instapaper – Read Later

Everyone seems to have a favourite bookmarking tool when it comes to using the web. One of my indispensable favourites is called Instapaper. This is how it works:

  1. Create an account – no verification / password needed, just a user name.
  2. Drag the Instapaper bookmarklet button to your browser toolbar
  3. When reading a webpage you want to read, but don’t have time to –  click the ‘Read Later’ button, where it is instantly saved to your Instapaper account.
  4. Any saved page can be checked out later – with options to Edit, Delete or Skip
Instapaper has been a real lifesaver – especially when in a hurry and not having the time to determine whether you want to save / bookmark the page elsewhere.
What’s your favourite tool?