Expect the Unexpected

Since returning from leave only two weeks ago after chilling out with my family on the mid-north coast of NSW, my work life as a Deputy Principal of a large southern suburbs primary school (600 students) in Adelaide has returned to what I would call – somewhat normal.

So what’s normal?

Normal day to day work and life as a Deputy Principal can only be described as – ‘Expect the Unexpected.’

Here’s the run-down over the last fortnight, planned and unplanned, in no apparent order:

  • Following up and managing a complaint where a student had created a Facebook group to say unsavoury things about his teacher. Parent very supportive in follow up actions. Tick.
  • Supporting a Year 2 teacher with a challenging student – young dedicated passionate graduate teacher doing some great work here to support and bring about behavioural change
  • Internet down – router spat the chewie – on the phone to customer support – had to reboot this and that, including Telstra NTU – trying to explain to teachers the reason the internet’s down when they really needed it.
  • Keeping a watchful eye on the weather channel and clock during recess and lunch breaks to enforce our hot weather procedures – has been a feral all week with daily midday temperatures hovering around 40 degrees celsius
  • Rescuing a young student from a locked toilet cubicle. Had to kick the door in. Karate kid would have been impressed.
  • Co-presenting with Principal at Regional Leaders Day – over 500 leaders – re our school’s  21st century learning / professional learning communities initiatives
  • Coordinating our the next phase of our Tech/ IWB roll-out. Only 4 classes to fit-out in early 2010 with Promethean Board / Ultra-Short Throw Projector and Macbook (dual-platform) package – wireless keyboard, mouse etc
  • Planning (playing with) for use of Mac OS X Server tools – wiki server, podcast producer etc
  • Working with the Principal to coordinate the next stage of our Building the Education Revolution  (BER) project – just a cool $3 million dollars
  • Completing the final scope of works for our Environmental Learning Centre – veggie garden complex
  • Compiling a heap of documentation for our Annual General Meeting – Sports Report, Wellbeing Report etc
  • Reviewing and updating our school oval’s health regime with our groundsman in light of existing watering restrictions
  • Coordinating rosters / timetables for camp week, when half the school is away on camp – Year 7s to Canberra
  • Meeting with Facilities Manager and school bursar on a myriad of facilities issues
  • Networking and supporting colleagues from local schools re ICT related issues
  • Rebuilding the school website for a launch in 2010 – with ICT tech support – using Joomla
  • Speaking at junior primary assembly – presenting awards in a packed hall of parents and students
  • Preparing ICT budget for 2010 – 1 to 1 looks close – need to focus extra attention on planning for this in 2010
  • Providing PD for teachers in preparing / creating end of year multi-media productions
  • Working with small group of Year 7 students preparing Graduation DVD
  • Conducting school open tours for prospective families – all 25 of them
  • Coordinating transition for next intake of reception students for 2010
  • Working with Year 6/7 student leadership team to coordinate and prepare for up and coming Gala Day – day of student enterprise
  • Preparing for whole school community celebration night in a few weeks – with specialist music teacher
  • Working through school photo day
  • Releasing teachers for special education meetings with psychologists and support staff
  • Preparing for and coordinating ‘Thank You Coaches and Managers Evening’ to acknowledge the efforts and commitment of our parent volunteers
  • Helping a neighbouring colleague and loaning them a heap of sports gear for their sports day
  • Updating our Bushfire Action Plan in accordance with new regulations
  • Redesigning templates for Inquiry Learning / Integrated Unit Plans on wiki
  • Attending Governing Council meeting

And the list goes on.

A typical fortnight ……………….. so glad I love my job.

One thought on “Expect the Unexpected

  1. Amazing what we fit into an average week, isn’t it? Sometimes I think it’s better not to think about it – it makes me tired just thinking what’s ahead in the next 3 weeks. We had Cluster Sports Day yesterday, so one thing ticked off!

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